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It has come to our notice that some individuals have been impersonating The UK NATIONAL LOTTERY and or UK BONDS AND CREDITORS and it's officials making fraudulent attempts to the public.

This is to advise the public especially all our winners and customers world wide, to exercise extreme caution in responding to all suspicious emails from these sources. In all cases, we advise the public to crosscheck or better still contact us on this site when in doubt.




What's it like to be a big winner? How would it change your life? Find out from the winners themselves as we reveal their stories and discover what they plan to do with their winnings.



 John and Pat Davies €2,254,572

A lucky couple from Hilsea, Portsmouth, have double the reasons to celebrate after winning twice in the Lotto draw on Saturday 5 August - as well as an amazing €2,254,572 share of the Rollover jackpot.

Pat and John Davies, who are both retired, discovered that they had when they got a letter from the lottery company. Pat explained: ' I did not believe it when i was contacted through my mail by London Lottery as one of the beneficiaries of its Lottery program! Thanks London Lottery for making our dream of a holiday in Hawaii come through! Thanks guys!

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