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About Overseas Subscribers Agents (OSA)




Overseas Subscribers Agents (OSA) has been entering players into overseas Government Lottos and Draws, and collecting and sending them their winnings since 1988.

If you enter the UK. National Lottery (or other National Lotteries) through OSA, and you win, OSA makes no commission whatsoever on the money you have won.
What you win - is what you keep.

Normally it’s not easy to join the well-known Government sponsored National Lotteries if you live outside that country. You need to have a friend or relative living in that country who can buy the tickets for you and send you the money when you’ve won.

You may not be able to buy National Lotto tickets in the U.K. yourself. Many either can’t do this (because they don’t know anyone in that country) - or they don’t want to do this because they prefer to be in control themselves.

This is why OSA has been in business since 1988. The company does everything it can to provide you and many others with an efficient and reliable Lotto Entry service with complete integrity.

Over the years, more than 100,000 international players have taken advantage of this service.


When you enter U.K. Lotto through OSA, you do so with complete confidence that your entry money will be entered in full with local Authorized Agents Licensed by Government.

The numbers you select will be matched carefully by our computers with the winning numbers in every Draw and you will be notified when you win. For bigger amounts you are written a letter, telephoned or emailed immediately.

Beware deceptive Lottery offers. If you ever receive an offer like this, do not respond:

“YOU HAVE WON US$14,756!”

The amount of your winnings can vary (it’s often a much larger amount) and often your name will appear somewhere in the headline. This is usually followed by a request to send a “processing” fee of US$35 or more to cover the cost of sending you your “prize money”.

Of course, you haven't won!  You can be certain that you will NEVER receive ANY winnings EVER from an offer like this.

When you win and you are being paid through an OSA agent, you can be completely confident that your winnings will be  collected on your behalf, and then paid out to you in full without deductions.



Overseas Subscribers Agents is a Government licensed Lottery Service Agency which has been entering subscribers in overseas lotteries for over 10 years. Acting as agents on behalf of lottery players around the world, OSA makes it possible for you to enter government lotteries from the convenience of your own home.

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